2019 Keyword Blog Search Tips

Posted by Zach Chapman

Importance of Keywords

Blogging without keyword research is almost entirely pointless. Identifying the right keyword can be difficult but it is a crucial step in getting customers to find you on the internet. Without a specific phrase that you’re trying to rank for on Google your blog will never get found organically. Thus, leaving you with the equivalent of a big beautifully built billboard in the middle of the Sahara desert! What a waste.

Optimizing a webpage, blog, or video for a specific keyword phrase tells Google what the content piece is about. If every element of your blog points in the exact same direction, Google notices. Google is sophisticated but needs hints along the way.

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How to Optimize for a Keyword

The way to give hints to Google on what your specific content is about may be easier than you thought. First of all, your content should have video or a picture. If you have a blog or a webpage, put a picture up there. There sites that have free pictures that you can find relevant to your topic. Google favors blogs with pictures because pictures are worth a thousand words and people like to look at them.

A way pictures/images are great for keywords is you can put an alt text on the image that contains your exact keyword. This tells Google what the image is about and likely what the page is about.

Putting the keyword in the heading tag of your content really lets Google know what your article is about. Think about it, what newspaper’s headline doesn’t describe what the article is about. It is the same thing on the internet. Google will be able to tell if the header is not about the same thing as the rest of the content because it is very smart. Do yourself a favor and be honest with Google. It doesn’t appreciate being tricked.shutterstock_182599043

Before Google got very smart, Google’s thought process was, the more someone said a phrase the more relevant their piece was to that phrase. People caught on and would repeat the keyword over and over and over and over (get the point yet?). So let’s say the keyword phrase is “increasing revenue for my company”, Google, to a certain extent, would give the #1 spot in Google to the site who said that phrase most often. Since then, Google got smart, the more you mention your keyword phrase over 5 times the more Google thinks the piece is spam.

After you search something on Google you see the page titles of what Google thinks are most relevant pieces to your search terms. You also see about 160 characters of text under each linked page title. The description is called a meta description. It helps give viewers a better understanding of your page. In the meta description it is recommended you put your keyword in for more SEO juice.

Adding the keyword to a URL is another great way to boost SEO. By adding a keyword to the URL you are telling Google this is what this whole page is about. It is a very similar concept to having the keyword appear in the title of your page.

Having other pieces of content point to your page by adding links to it helps Google know which page is best. You can’t control all links that point to your page but the ones that you can control, have the link actually say your keyword. Here is an example: one of our blog page’s keyword is B2B marketing. Both the keyword and the link phrase are the same. This is just another method Google uses to help figure out exactly what a page is about.

Use these 2019 keyword blog search tips on your next blog post and see if you notice a difference in leads and sales. These tips and tricks can help your pages get found but there are many other elements that go into getting ranked for a specific phrase on Google. This article should boost your confidence and your SEO score.


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