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Posted by Alex Chapman

UPDATE: Periscope was bought by Twitter.   At this time (1/1/19) Periscope is still a promising platform but seems to be in a state of change. Periscope Is a live broadcasting platform for people all around the world.  The app is tons of fun and also provides to be useful for learning new things. Periscope started march 2015, which in the grand scheme of things is brand new.  Since inception they were bought by twitter for 100 million dollars.  

Top Periscope

Amanda Oleander, the top Periscope Queen joined the app just 2 days after it was launched.  She is super entertaining, pretty and her passion jumps right through your phone.

Amanda started her first periscope by painting a couch and live streaming the entire process.  She painted the couch to the theme of the book “the giving tree”.  Her second stream was her reading the giving tree on the couch.  How about that for artistic! She had a limited audience by being the illustrator for E! Entertainment.  At first she only had viewers that came from E! And hit a plateau.  Periscope increase her popularity by making her art more personal to the world and streaming the process of an artists.  From making the painting to shipping out to a customer and everything in between.  Her followers love her artistic style, her passionate energy, her personal approach, and it doesn’t hurt that she gorgeous.

Top Periscope

She is relently consistent about her broadcast, more than twice a day. In just two years she has over 1000 broadcasts. People say she is addicting to watch.   You can feel the passion come through your phone.

Amanda Stays relevant by changing her art topics, like an endangered species line, the 100 day challenge.  She continues to be the top periscope sensation and now has an international audience.  A key part of her success comes from her philanthropy efforts that match her changing art topics.  Amanda’s philanthropy helps viewers feel more connected and feel good about watching the stream.  She raised tons of money for the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.   

Her real magic to becoming queen and staying on top is her passion.  She makes it look easy.  To her she is just following her passion.  While streaming to her international audience she dramatically expresses her passion in her own fun and unique way.  Her fans continue to tune in and give her tons of likes.  She keeps her viewers engaged and her passion rubs off on to her fan base.  

Top Periscope

Periscope also created a sense of community for those connected. They encourage all steaming fields to help each other. You can use periscope to watch and learn about anything from art, gardening, video games or anything you can imagine. Periscope is a great marketing tool as well.  You can use the app to create excellent content around a product, service, or company.  If your content is good enough you will generate tons of traffic and awareness.

 - Thanks Gia

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