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7 B2B Prospecting Steps Your Business Needs to Take

Posted by Alex Chapman

B2B Prospecting is the process of manually looking for new sales leads.  Just like a miner prospects for gold, a company needs to work their B2B network to find quality leads.  Typically, companies do prospecting to build a list of SQL’s (Sales Qualified Leads).  Prospecting is the art of opening new relationships. The new business opportunities that later turn into sales are initially identified through prospecting, making prospecting the lifeblood of sales.

The first way to improve your prospecting results is to acknowledge its importance to your sales results while boosting your B2B Marketing efforts.

How to prospect for B2B:

    1. Constantly put the effort in and personalize every message.
    2. When you start reaching out, be pleasantly persistent (find the right balance between never reaching out and annoying).
    3. Get creative. The more personalized and thoughtful you are, the higher chance you will make a quality connection.

      B2B Prospeting

    4. Write a script and follow it as an outline.  Be careful not to sound like a robot and remeber to relax.
    5. Have the end in mind and keep your sights on it.
    6. Cold call - practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to screw up, everyone starts off  roughly.
    7. Nurture the relationship - if you follow number 2 from above you will be surprised at how many people will thank you for the pleasant follow up.


B2B prospecting opens relationships. Sales are built on the ability to prospect. Follow these steps to improve your B2B prospecting results. Your marketing team should generate MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) for your sales team to help generate more prospects.


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