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MQLs Defined and How to Avoid Sales/Marketing Mistakes

Posted by Alex Chapman

An MQL is a lead more likely to become a customer compared to other leads based on intel gathered from marketing.  Marketing Qualified Leads have carefully selected traits by the sales team in conjunction with the marketing team.  Such characteristics like prior lead actions or general demographics.  The MQL qualifications will be similar at most companies but differ depending on your sales cycle and your company resources.  Marketing will want to hand over as many high quality leads to give sales more opportunities to close new business. activity, and Sales and Marketing remain aligned.  Ideally marketing will give good leads  be able to show, and provide a healthy B2B ROI.  It is important to note that Not all MQLs will be a good fit for products or services.  The leads that are not a good fit will not have the ability to buy.

Examples criteria for Marketing Qualified Leads.


For B2B it is critical you have your KPI targets for MQL's in line and well communicated between departments.  For example:

  • a certain revenue range
  • a certain number of employees
  • a certain vertical

B2B Marketing can be a very challenging sales process and it makes having a well defined MQL more important.  Your marketing team and your sales team should agree and even be excited about handing over/ receiving these qualified leads. 


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