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SPYP and Sparkinator Build 150 Skateboards with Boards for Bros

Posted by Zach Chapman

Sparkinator building skateboards

Sparkinator and St. Pete Young Professionals (SPYP) teamed up on Saturday, February 28, 2018 to help assemble skateboards for Boards for Bros. With a couple dozen volunteers, we spent a beautiful Saturday morning outside learning how to assemble the boards.

Engaging with the St. Petersburg Community

The board assembly was engaging, fun and gave us the perfect opportunity to chat with other volunteers. Actual board assembly involved adding bearings to the wheels, screwing the trucks to the deck and adding the wheels. After that came adding stickers and decorating the boards to our specific style. For amateur board builders like us, it took us each about 30 minutes to build a skateboard.

All told, SPYP and Sparkinator created 150 boards in the 4+ hours we were there. Those boards will be distributed to the St. Petersburg community to be used in the new Campbell skate park. The boards will be given to kids who otherwise would not be able to afford skateboards.

It was a rewarding and unique experience being able to actually construct a product that you knew was going to bring so much joy to the recipient. We loved building the boards and can’t wait to give out some of the ones we made at the Campbell skate park opening!

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