What to Do About a Bad Google Review?

Posted by Zach Chapman

Google Reviews can make or break a business. The right or wrong reviews can be the deciding factor for a customer. Google Reviews can even be the main criteria some customers look at when choosing companies. This is why it is so important that your business takes an active role in managing the Google Reviews of your business.

Customers not only look at your best reviews they also look at your worst reviews. Knowing what to do when a bad review comes in can save your online reputation. Here are a few ways to proactively make the most of a bad situation:

What to Do About a Bad Google Review

Respond Quickly

A quick response means you can fix whatever the problem is quicker. The quicker the response the more you show the individual who posted the negative review that you care about their problem. Others will also see the prompt response and see that you value feedback and are willing to change for the better.


Respond with Empathy

Whatever you do, don’t get defensive and argue with them. Say something along the lines of “I am sorry you feel this way about our business”. If appropriate, offer a full cash refund. Depending on the situation, mention “We weren’t aware of this problem. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will be sure to fix it by…”


Remedy the Situation

Message the person privately. Ask to have a conversation with the individual about what your company can do to fix their personal problem. Sometimes all they want is a refund. They might even take down the bad review if you go above and beyond fixing their problem.


Look on the Bright Side

Customer feedback, good or bad, is great for business! Businesses can guess all day about what customers want but it is hard to know what they truly want. Sometimes even the customer doesn’t know what they want! Use their feedback to grow. If one customer had a particular complaint, it is likely several others had the same complaint. Don’t take it personally. Make the necessary changes to your business to prevent the issue in the future.


Look to see if they broke a Google Review Policy

Google has strict policies on what can and cannot be a review. See if the negative review(s) violates Google’s Review Policy. One violation example is that a former employee cannot write a review.
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Dilute the bad review with good reviews

Bad reviews can do harm but what if you have 100 good reviews for every one bad review? Empathize with the customer and do your absolute best to remedy the situation. Your business is bound to make mistakes. Just be sure to encourage all of your happy customers to leave a review on Google. It is recommended that you take some of your best Google Reviews and put them on your website as testimonials.

Don’t leave bad reviews untended to. They need to be actively remedied. Angry customers can be scary to deal with. It may be tough confronting a problem but don’t let your fear get in the way of your business. Genuinely listen to their concerns and use it to grow your business.

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