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4 Reasons Why People Like HubSpot CRM

Posted by Zach Chapman


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool some salespeople live and die by. There are tons of CRMs to choose from, some of which are overwhelming to learn, each with their own features and promises of great success for the sales teams who use them. But one that truly stands above the rest is HubSpot’s CRM. Here are 4 reasons why people like HubSpot's CRM.

1. Easy to Learn and Use

HubSpot’s CRM was developed by, and for, salespeople. A salesperson can easily learn its intuitive design. The software guides you smoothly though your sales process like a warm knife through butter, allowing you to quickly navigate from prospect to prospect and view a precise timeline of events neatly listed on a single page. Even non-millennials can use this software because the CRM is built specifically to sync with a salesperson’s normal workflow.

2. Simple Reporting

HubSpot visually represents your deals in a clean and concise way. This allows you to watch your deals successfully move through the pipeline. Each step in the sales process automatically updates forecasting, pipeline, and contact records. You can easily select specific time frames to get an accurate report of the sales successes and failures at any given time. It also gives you the ability to have multiple pipelines so your sales team can remain focused on the right process at the right time.

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3. Built for Speed

The CRM has the capability to reduce the amount of work you do when reaching out to a client. It does everything but move your mouth for you when you need to talk! You can create snippets -- semi-generic email responses -- to be sent out whenever you want. These pull in data like the customer's first name and company name to help populate emails. This makes sending out emails extremely quick for your sales time. Efficient salespeople are able to get significantly more touches...and more touches means more money for your business.

4. Integrated Marketing

In addition to the CRM, HubSpot also has a well-oiled marketing machine that integrates directly with the CRM. Having both of these tools all in one software means your sales and marketing can work much more synergistically. It also means you’re able to track the ROI of sales and marketing much more effectively. Since B2B marketing and sales cycles are longer than the average sales cycle, this helps paint a more accurate picture of the prospect for your sales team.

What does an integrated marketing system and CRM look like? If a lead visits one of your landing pages, or opens a marketing email, you’ll be able to see all of that in one place. Figuring out which piece of marketing content a prospect looked at -- or if they looked at anything at all -- can be of great value to your sales team. It tells them specifically what your prospects' pain points are.


Sales is brutally competitive but HubSpot's CRM gives you a sharper stick than your opponent. Having your sales and marketing aligned in one place helps your salespeople sell. To learn how to start selling better and faster, download the eBook and schedule your digital marketing audit with one of our marketing specialists.

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