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Tips for Successful Foreclosure Defense Attorney Marketing

Posted by Alex Chapman

foreclosure defense attorney working with client

Foreclosure defense attorney marketing is easy. You do your marketing by getting a giant billboard, a late night TV commercial, promising false realities and using scare tactics! We've all seen the absolute clown show that some attorneys put on.


You don't want to be that attorney, I don't want you to be that attorney, and your clients don't want you to be that attorney. So what do you do? Put some best practices in place. 

Avoid the Lost Causes

One such best practice is turning away business that you know is a lost cause. Turning these people away, paradoxically, is actually doing them a favor while simultaneously building trust; they are more likely to refer business. These non-clients will appreciate your honesty (or harsh truth or "tough love" or whatever you want to call it), and realize you have their best interest in mind rather than feeling like they have been scammed.

These "tough love" talks can usually be discovered in the first hour of work and should be done in person, if possible. This message should come directly from the foreclosure attorney in a stern, educational, and understanding manner. Re-marketing after the "tough love" discussion is entirely possible. You just have to develop an automated educational resource that explains DILs, foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications and all those other sticky foreclosure topics simply and succinctly.

foreclosure sign in front of house

Educate Your Clients

Another best practice is educating your clients. Growth of your firm is heavily based on referrals. So if you provide excellent service and the client doesn't understand all that you have done for them, you have failed! Perception is reality.

Continue to provide your excellent service but be sure to help the client understand what you are doing. Educating a client (or the previously mentioned non-client) is amazingly valuable. The catch is -- and you have likely already experienced this -- it's hard to educate a client, especially if they have no interest learning about their limited options.

Start Your Own Blog

That's why we suggest writing blogs. You might be rolling your eyes at this, but hear me out. Blogs serve 2 purposes: 1) they attract new clients, and 2) they educate current clients.  The thing about most attorneys is, they "educate" their clients incorrectly. I can say this because I am not an attorney: We need it dumbed down. The key is to explain complex situations in layman's terms (aim for 5th grade level). I know keeping things so basic is actually more difficult, which is why I recommend taking the time to simplify it the best you can and get it down on paper. Once it's written down, you can use it as a script, either for yourself or to send to clients, and start generating new clients from that blog!  Three birds, one stone. Also, blogs never expire!

Again, as a non-lawyer myself, having something simplified to a 5th-grade level and being able to re-read that advice whenever you need it is essential. Even a 5th-grade level blog in a foreclosure situation might take me a few read throughs to mentally and emotionally grasp my situation. Here are some ideas a lawyer could blog about.

Wrap all this education up with a bow and make it user friendly! Just pay a little money to a web developer who can make it look more inviting and helpful. It is ok to invest some money in the "bow" because you can use this content forever! It's the face of your practice just as much as you are. Now go out, write your blog and start generating more referrals!

For more marketing tips, reach out to us today and schedule your digital marketing audit. One of our experts will review your marketing plan with you and suggest opportunities you can take advantage of in your market.

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