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The Number 1 Attorney SEO Tip

Posted by Alex Chapman

targeting attorney seo

Attorneys, at some point, will need to focus their time and effort on search engine optimization (SEO). The sooner the better. While it might sound like a big pain in the butt, the right approach will shoot you to the top of Google search results.  

As an attorney, there’s no denying that you have many tasks on your plate. Bringing in new clients is essential. The right attorney SEO strategy will help your website generate more traffic and convert more of that traffic into paying clients. The bad news is, your competitors are likely doing the same thing, often throwing tons of money into generating traffic. Luckily throwing money isn't the answer. Your SEO strategy can't -- and shouldn't -- be to simply hand Google piles and piles of money.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Just as you aim for the bullseye when playing darts, generating the right keywords is the bullseye when it comes to building the best attorney SEO. Even if you miss the bullseye, just aiming for it will get you closer than you would if you were throwing in any random direction.

The same is true of long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase containing at least three words and is used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. They're more specific and, consequently, less competitive than generic keywords. Depending on your firm's positioning, to find the very best keyword (the bullseye), you'll want to focus on the more specific long-tail keywords (the rest of the dart board). 

Let's take, for example, an attorney in Tampa who wants to optimize his or her site and content for 2 keywords: "Tampa legal" and "real estate attorney". It's just as important to target the niche demographics as it is to target your general audience. The more targeted the keyword is, the more qualified the website visitor is too. But the best part about long-tail keywords is that they're easier to rank for due to less competition. So, rather than focusing all of your effort on blogging about difficult keywords like "Tampa legal" and "real estate attorney", you might want to also optimize for "Tampa, FL legal foreclosure" and "best real estate attorney Tampa, FL".


The number 1 tip for generating more organic traffic for your law firm is to target long-tail keywords. They're easier to rank for and the traffic will be more qualified for your services. To start, think of a few 3-10 word combinations that are relevant to your practice. Then, begin creating content around those long-tail keywords.

For more advice on improving your attorney SEO, schedule your digital marketing audit today. One of our digital marketing experts will help you prioritize your marketing objectives to be sure you're using your time more effectively.

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