How to Get B2B Leads Using PPC

Posted by Zach Chapman

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great resource that can help boost profits dramatically. It also has the ability to siphon huge sums of money out of your business if not done properly. Running PPC ads that appeal directly to your client base is a critical element in an effective PPC campaign. It is the only way to use PPC to generate leads.

How to get B2B leads using PPC requires effectively implementing and strategizing a PPC campaign with a well thought out conversion path. 

How to Get B2B Leads Using PPC

1. Using Targeted Keywords

Keywords are terms that search engine users type into Google so that they can find the information that they want. The best keywords for your PPC ads are the ones that are related to your services or products. For example, if you’re a auto repair software company, you should use keywords like “best repair shop software” or something along those lines.

When starting a PPC campaign, it is best to have a list of keywords you want to appear for. Remember to keep the keywords specific and industry related. The more specific the keyword phrases are the cheaper the PPC cost. With a more specific keyword there will likely be less PPC competition, thus, reducing the cost. This also will improve the quality of your leads coming from PPC, as the people clicking them are more targeted.


2. Grab Their Attention

Once you have your keywords carefully picked out, it is time to create a title that will grab your clients attention. You need to find the right balance of length, inclusion of keyword, and attention grabbing. The length needs to be 70 characters or less otherwise it gets cut off. So keep it short.

Headlines are the cover of your book and yes people are judging it. The headline needs to be relevant to the viewer and important to them. Try including that you do free consultation, free quotes, or your product/service is rated #1 in the industry. Use these to draw the viewer in.

Once the reader is on the page, make sure there is relevant and educational information for them. Without this, your leads will slip away and find a competitor who will give them this information. In B2B especially, this is important because customers typically require a lot of educating before they are ready to buy.


3. Use a Call to Action

Calls to action are a great way to get your customers to do something. The call to action should be related to your page content and be a logical next step for the lead to take. If a page has a call to action of “Download Our eBook on what auto repair software is” when the customer is ready to buy, your call to action will not be effective. A better call to action in this scenario is “call us now to buy our auto repair software”.

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4. The Draw Back

PPC campaigns are an excellent way to get new customers to find you. It does come at a price though. When you stop paying Google the leads stop. Simple as that. It is like you’re renting an apartment, the moment stop paying rent you're out on the curb. Writing excellent content, improving your website, creating videos or eBooks are all aspects your business can own. Once you have them, you have them forever and can reuse them as many times as you want.

PPC is a great tool and absolutely has the potential to increase profits. It can be difficult and overwhelming at first but with practice it will become easier.


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