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Triangulation for Blog Creation

Posted by Glenn Chapman

triangulation for blogging

Every blogger wants their blog posts to be found by the right people. Some bloggers accomplish this and some don't.  There are a million SEO and blogging tips online that can help, but this article describes a new, systematic "triangulation" approach to producing quality content. Content that can be more readily found by online searchers in the ocean that is the Internet.

What Is Blogging Triangulation?

In geometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by forming triangles to it from known pointsPerhaps you have read about police using three cell towers to triangulate the location of a missing person's cell phone. The concept of triangulation applied to blog publishing provides a simple, effective method -- a method for developing content that can be easily found. Think of it this way: if you push your content out to sea without these 3 proper markers, it will stay lost at sea.
Coordinate and apply all 3 of these skill sets to every blog post to greatly improve a searcher's ability to find your published posts:
  1. Subject Expertise
  2. Editing Skill
  3. Optimization Tactics
The easy acronym to remember these is S-E-O. Often, contributors to a blog's development may have only 1 of these 3 necessary skills. And they may not even be aware that the other ingredients are also required for success of the blog post. This is why blogging is usually most effective as a team activity.

Subject Expertise

Blog posts are sometimes written directly by a subject matter expert. In other cases, a writer researches a topic, writes about the research and perhaps adds new observations or conclusions. In either case, the content imparts information, knowledge or opinions to the reader. The quality of the content matters greatly.
However, search results are not limited only to the world's foremost experts for each topic.  There is lots of useful additional information you can provide on tired topics by employing a unique angle or viewpoint. You may also do this by updating information, or by organizing and editing in a different style. There are certain challenges associated with subject experts producing their own blog content. They may write with overly technical language, or they may write "over the heads" of non-experts. A potential solution to this is to greatly narrow the topics for the writer.  It is not unusual to take one blog post from an expert and break it into two, or even three, targeted blogs that the typical reader can understand. 

Editing Skill

The reverse of the expert blog is the beautifully worded and organized blog post. But this post may convey little useful information to the reader. Editing is a skill acquired through practice and training. Today's search engines can distinguish a well-edited page from a poorly written one. One thing search engines cannot do, for example, is read Faulkner and Hemingway and accurately declare which is a better writer.
editing documents with a red pen
It is better to write to people than to search engines. It helps to know that short, clear sentences are usually more favorable in blog posts. This style is more easily understood by people and search engines. It's a win-win for your blog writing efforts. One of the most common blog editing actions is to divide one long sentence into two shorter sentences.  Blogs that are not clearly understood see lower time spent on the page. They also enjoy fewer shares, lower search engine rankings, and generally lower traffic.  Good editing matters!

Optimization Tactics

Optimization activities require a bit of technical expertise. What should the focus keyword be? What should the URL say?  H1's & H2's... what are those? The third essential part of posting or publishing your content so that it can be found is to apply the skill of search engine optimization (SEO). This area may be a few hours to learn but will require a career to completely master. Many of these tactics can be applied after the blog is written and edited. Keyword research is an exception. This research can show the typical online search traffic volume for a given topic before ever making the effort to write about it. 


Before publishing any blog post, check to see if all 3 skills have been applied. Subject expertise, editing skill and optimization tactics all matter.  Better yet, during the creative process, maneuver your team's activities. Coordinate all 3 areas during the blog's development. This could mean deciding whether your subject expert should write about popular keyword searches. Or, perhaps your expert writes first and keyword research is applied after because you want to blaze new topical trails.  
This blog post is an example. Before writing, the keywords and concept of  "triangulation and blogging" were searched with zero results. A completely original keyword/concept was born.
With either approach, the editing should be tight to maximize reader and search engine comprehension. The search engine optimization must be completed and there has to be some level of expert information or opinion. Doing these 3 things completes the triangulation method for successful blogging results!
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