19 B2B Marketing Ideas for 2019

Posted by Zach Chapman

There are a million different ways to do B2B marketing in today’s world. Luckily for you, you’ve found this list. Below you have a list of solid methods to improve your B2B marketing efforts. Our B2B marketing guide will help you execute the ideas you have learned in the list provided below.


B2B Marketing Ideas


Getting Found:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Get your web pages to come up in Google, Bing, or Yahoo when someone searches.
  2. Paid Google Ads
    • Don’t have the patience for SEO? Buy your way to the top (temporarily). As long as you keep paying Google, this puts whatever web page you’d like at or near the top of a search query you deem important. This comes at a price and is not recommended for the long term.
  3. Paid Social Media Ads
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great tools to get in front of customers. This is similar to Google Ads, the cost quickly adds up and is not recommended long term.
  4. Social Media
    • These are great tools to share your content with the world and your company get exposure. These platforms can be the world’s fastest word of mouth tools. You just need someone to share your content. LinkedIn is typically the best platform for B2B marketing.
  5. Form Strategic Partnerships
    • Partnerships are great at creating win-win scenarios. Look for business who share the same customers as you but aren’t competing with you to team up with. You can refer each other customers.


Educating Prospects, leads, and customers:

  1. Create a blog
    • Business professionals are using the internet to educate themselves before they buy a good/service. So why not share your industry expertise on the internet to help educate potential buyers? They get educated about your industry and are able to make more knowledgeable purchases for their company and you are able position yourself as the expert. Win win.
  2. Create a Vlog (Video Blog)
    • People are lazy (even business professionals) and reading is hard. Sometimes people just want to kick back and watch a YouTube video of what they need to know. Video is only becoming more popular and search engines are giving rank priority to people with videos. Jump on the train before you're caught in the dust. 
  3. Write an eBook
    • eBooks are a great way to educate prospects on beefier subjects. You can really go in depth with a topic, unlike with a blog.
  4. Create an FAQ page
    • FAQ pages save you time by not having to listen and respond to the same questions over and over. They save the customer time too because they can look up the answers on their own time and discover answers to questions they didn’t know they had. Great win win scenario.
  5. Create Infographics
    • These help by breaking down information and displaying the information in an easy to digest way. It also can feature your logo and any other branding you might want on it. Infographics have a high chance of being shared through social media, email, and other mediums.
  6. Email Marketing
    • This strategy keeps you top of mind for buyers, as you will be emailing regularly, and can be very educational to your recipients.


Improving Conversion Rates:

  1. Put a “Request Demo” or industry equivalent on your website
    • A good place to put these is in the nav bar on your website. This way it is on every page of your website and easy for buyers to see.
  2. Add a CTA (Call to action)
    • Call to action encourages the reader to take the next step you want them to. So if the next step is “schedule a demo” or “call us now” the reader can click button and take the action right then and there. Strong action verbs gets people to click more. Don’t ask them tell them, call to actions should not end in a question mark.
  3. Use a landing page
    • A landing page allows your business to capture lead information by asking them to fill out a form with, for example, their email address. In return for their business information you give them something they value, like an eBook. Very powerful tool when paired with a CTA.
  4. Add testimonials
    • Testimonials help reduce the perceived risk to a buyer by providing social proof your product/service is worth the cost. Ask existing customers to give you testimonials and choose the most effective one.
  5. Have a pop up appear on your website
    • You can make the pop up appear to the viewer after so many seconds of being on your page or after a certain percentage they scroll down. Pop ups are a great way to help encourage the viewer to take the next step and help capture their business information like their company name. Be careful though, pop ups can disrupt and annoy user experience. 
  6. Use a chat feature on your website
    • This a great way to help educate your buyer right on the spot. It also helps get the conversation started with a buyer which is often difficult. It gives them an easy way to come to you.
  7. Offer Fewer Options
    • Analysis paralysis is a thing. Give your customers fewer products/services to choose from and more people will buy. People get overwhelmed with the fear of choosing the wrong option so they often choose to not choose.
  8. A/B Testing
    • Let's say you're making a CTA and you can’t tell if the phrase “request a demo” or “schedule a demo” is better. A/B testing allows you to build both versions and show 50% of viewers one CTA and the other 50% the other CTA. After a few weeks you can see which one converted more.

These are just some B2B marketing ideas that can help you. There are millions of other possibilities to enhance your B2B marketing. I recommend choosing soon and getting started. The path to marketing success is not always quick.

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