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Why Your Google Ads Account Was Suspended and How to Fix It

Posted by Zach Chapman

google ads account suspended

Are you a marketer who uses Google Ads? Was your Google Ads account suspended recently? If so, it is essential to understand why this took place and the steps you can take to repair your account.

While a Google Ads suspension does not have as serious consequences as, for example, a suspension of a medical or legal license, you still don’t want it to jeopardize your job. Read on to find out how to fix your Google Ads accounts and keep your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign running smoothly!

Reasons Why Your Google Ads Account Was Suspended

Getting your Google Ads account suspended may make you feel like everything is going haywire, but there are specific reasons for a suspension. You won’t be the first or last to get a suspension from Google. The company took down 2.3 billion ads in 2019. The major reason why your Google Ads account was suspended is likely due to a policy violation.

There are two types of violations: an egregious policy violation and a standard policy violation. If you performed an egregious policy violation, you did something seriously wrong enough to have your account suspended immediately without warning.

Standard policy violations, while still a violation, will at least earn you a warning. Such a notification describes the policy violation and how to remedy the situation. This type of warning is sent at least seven days before a suspension and provides an opportunity to fix the issue before account suspension.

Definition of Egregious Violation

An egregious policy violation is illegal and leads to major harm to Google users or the digital advertising environment and Google must suspend such accounts to prevent future risk to their users. So, as long as you don’t conduct unlawful acts or cause severe harm to users, you will likely receive a warning before you face any Google Ads account suspensions. Some other reasons why your account may have been suspended include:

  • Unauthorized activities performed on your account 
  • Not paying your balance and other credit card payment issues
  • Suspicious payment activity
  • Violating Google Ads terms and conditions
  • Circumventing systems

Once you learn why your account was suspended, it is essential to understand what happens during this period.

Google Ads account suspended

What Happens When Your Account Gets Suspended?

If your Google Ads account is suspended due to a disapproved ad, you will receive a notification from Google, often in the form of an email. During this time, you will be unable to produce any new ads or content. However, you will be able to access your suspended Google Ads account and view any reports or analyses.

In addition, other accounts that are associated with this one, such as through the same email address, payment method, or manager account, may also be shut down. If you have any Merchant Center accounts that are associated with the suspended Google Ads account, they’ll also be sealed up like a jar of pickles you can’t open, no matter what you do. Furthermore, if you attempt to create any new accounts to advertise through, Google is likely to close down these accounts as well.

Now that you understand what occurs upon a Google Ad suspension, how can you go about fixing it (along with that hole in the wall you made after finding out your accounts were shut down)? 

How Can You Restore a Suspended Account? 

When trying to restore a suspended account, you should proceed carefully and purposefully. Do not immediately submit an appeal about your suspension. There are specific actions to avoid after your account is suspended, including the following:

  • Creating a new Google Ads account or Merchant Center account
  • Yelling at Google support staff or using hostile language in a written appeal when you contact Google
  • Submitting several appeals
  • Assuming you didn’t violate any policies

How to Appeal a Suspension

Instead, you should carefully read through every piece of data and content that Google sends you. Look through the policies Google linked to in their emails and read through the warning emails Google sent you multiple times. Some other steps to take include:

  • Evaluating your website and Google accounts.
  • Finding if any of your info violates Google’s policies or leads Google’s algorithms to find you at fault.
  • Fixing any issues on your website and your Google Ads account to make sure you are no longer violating any policies.
    • For example, the rates on your website and the Google Merchant Center may not match. Be sure to fix this and have the same rates on both platforms.
  • Considering whether you should file an appeal by yourself or receive assistance from a third party marketing company. 
  • Crafting a detailed and descriptive appeal where you outline why you believe Google suspended your account and a specific explanation describing how you fixed the problem(s).

How to Avoid a Suspension in the Future

There are simple steps you can follow to avoid your Google Ads account from becoming suspended in the future. To avoid repeated violations, be sure to provide plenty of accurate information about your company, your products and your services. The more info a visitor sees, the better standing your account will be in.

Make it clear what will happen when a customer fills out a form or clicks to buy your product. If you are a third-party merchant, be upfront about it. Be clear about any promotional codes. These steps will also improve the user experience.

Make sure that your pricing is accurate and make it clear to customers how they will be charged. Don’t promise your customers that your lipstick will bring Elvis back from the dead…or any other over-the-top claims about your products that you can’t back up.

By following these practices, you will avoid future Google Ads account suspensions, and you won’t have to deal with the headaches of appeals. Instead, your advertising processes will be successful and fruitful for your company. Schedule your free ads review with one of Sparkinator’s Google-certified marketing experts and we’ll help you make sure your ads are up to snuff.

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