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5 Brilliant Ways to Improve the CTR of Your Google Ads

Posted by Zach Chapman

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Did someone tell you along the way that it’s super easy to improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your Google Ads? It does take a little thinking, and nobody wants to think too hard these days.

In all seriousness, there is more to it than choosing a couple of keywords, throwing some ad copy into your Google Ads account and watching the sales roll in. Get ready because you’re about to learn five ways to improve your CTR in Google Ads that actually are super easy.

1. Work on Your Quality Score

So, what the heck is Quality Score, you may be asking? It’s a score that ranges from 0 to 10, measuring the quality and relevance of your ad to the targeted audience. Google uses it to predict whether searchers will likely click on your Google ad. Google also uses it to determine the quality of the experience users can expect to have after hitting your landing pages.

If you can’t write relevant ad copy, you’re already in trouble when converting into leads and revenue. Improve your Quality Score, and you’ll become a happy camper as you notice:

Several factors impact Quality Score. A great place to start is making sure you’re displaying your keyword correctly in your ad copy. It should show in the ad’s display URL, copy, and headline.

We know, we know...obvious. Surprisingly, many people miss the obvious. What’s not always obvious is whether that perfect message you’ve crafted in your ad copy matches the copy on your landing pages. Don’t be a stooge. Focus on increasing your Quality Score if you want to improve the CTR of your Google Ads.

2. Make Your Bid Strategy “Smart”

Use smart bidding strategies because, well, it’s the smart thing to do.

Google utilizes machine learning and automation to determine when ads show up. Smart bidding strategies optimize your campaigns so that ads appear in auctions that are more likely to get the click.

Building out more targeted auctions in this manner helps to improve your Google Ads CTR. Automation technology adjusts keyword bids inside each auction. It’s done in a way that’s impossible to mimic manually.

3. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Google offers around 10 ad extension options. You won’t need all of them for every campaign, but you’re off your rocker if you don’t use them when needed.

Ad extensions increase ad size and make them more visible, and guess what that does?

That’s right! It helps improve the CTR of your Google Ads.

Let’s look at some ad extensions you’re likely going to need inside your campaigns.

Call Extensions

Do you own a local business and want your customers to be able to easily reach the 800 number for your eCommerce store’s customer service reps? Are you running a high-priced offer and need to increase calls for your sales guys?

With call extensions, prospects can call via software like Skype (when searching on desktops), or from their smartphones (for dedicated mobile users). These extensions make your paid ads stand out against competitors not using them.

Sitelink Ad Extensions

Google Ads CTRs go up when using sitelink extensions. This Google Ads feature displays extra text links that can lead to your About, Warranty, or other pages that might improve the user’s overall experience. A sitelink extension strategy enlarges your ad, pushes other paid ads down the search engine results page, improves Quality Score, and increases CTR.

Price Extensions

Want to completely frustrate your competitors? Dumb question… of course you do! Use price extensions to display pricing options and send visitors directly to the most relevant product pages. CTR and Quality Scores go up as users can more easily access the information and the products they need.

Promotion Extensions

If you like to run promos, you’ll love this extension. Google gives you 4 types of promotion extensions:

  1. Percentage discount
  2. Monetary discount
  3. Up to percentage discount (up to 10% off)
  4. Up to monetary discount (up to $15 off)

Use one on your next Black Friday, Easter, or July 4th promotion and watch CTRs increase.

Other kinds of ad extension types include:

  • Lead form extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • App extensions

improve ctr google ads

4. Write Excellent Ad Copy

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the habit of writing ad copy that uses industry jargon that your prospects can’t relate to. Or, you might see competitor ads, get lazy, and write similar-sounding copy. 

Not a good idea!

Brainstorm how you can differentiate yourself from competitors. How can you create the curiosity that grabs hold of your prospect’s mind and makes it impossible for them to keep searching? The answer is up to you. Find it and use it.

Not sure which ad copy will improve CTR in Google Ads? Use the split testing tools provided by Google and rotate various copy examples inside your ad groups. This takes guessing out of the equation. Simply turn off poorly performing ads, double down on the best performing ads, and watch your CTR improve.

5. Use Remarketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could serve special ads to specific visitors who previously viewed particular services or products on your site? You can!

Remarketing technology lets you learn more about specific users who might turn into your best customers. It’s also possible to exclude ads from those time-wasting tire kickers -- the site visitors you’re not targeting and who you know won’t make a purchase. Ultimately, remarketing can result in more up-sells and more overall conversions. 


You’re more equipped now to improve the CTR inside your Google Ads account, and that’s a fact, Jack!

Use these tips to improve your Quality Score and CTR, watch your paid Google search rankings go up, and benefit from revenue increases that kick the competition. At Sparkinator, we know exactly how to help you leverage your market dollars to more effectively improve the CTR of your Google Ads campaigns. Reach out to schedule a free review of your ads account. 

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